The project

After playing a lot with Arduino and  LED strips (WS2812b) I decided to create a sky plate for my baby.

Arduino is now the BEST microcontroller you can find on the market to drive simple sensors. So what can I ask to do at my 10$-Arduino?

  • Attach 4-5 clouds on the sky, each with 60 LEDs for some simple effects (or thunder effect)
  • Add inclination sensor to each cloud, to add even more effects!
  • Add a microphone, to add even more cloud effects!
  • Possibility to add a thermometer to get a temperature feedback.
  • Connect other 50-60 LEDs directly on the sky to create a star-effect in the night.
  • Connect a MP3 player to play sound effects or lullaby melodies.
  • Possibility to manage the animation with a IR-remote
  • Possibility to manage the entire system with a smartphone

Maybe this is too much for a 5$ computer (Arduino). Hope to be able to integrate all this in a single Arduino Mega with 8kb RAM.