The cloud (the real one, not the virtual one) – step 1

How to create a lighted cloud? The net can help and once you search for it you find some fantastic projects!

Simple one:


A better one:

I will try to create something like this one. Should not be impossible ­čśÇ

1. Create the framework


Take a PET water bottle, cut both sides to have a cylinder of 15-17cm. Now cover it with paper and glue (leave open the upper side). Wait until it is dry and remove the plastic bottle. Add some more paper so it is stable enough for the led strip and the connector. At the end, cover it again with white paper: it is better to have a white framework instead of a gray base.

2. Add the LED strip

Now it is time for the LED strip. In this project the cloud is defined with 60 LEDs. 13×4 strips for the side and 4×2 for the top.

LED strip

Connect a 300-500 ╬ę to the data wire. This will prevent you from burning the first LED of the strip. I connected it directly on the first strip.

It is important the you have exactly 13 LEDs for each strip. The first and the last 1/2 LEDS can be over the cylinder to give a better thunder effect and to have the lights also on the sides of the clouds:



Here a simple test:

That’s all! Now I need some time until I get my components from eBay (2-3 weeks).