MP3 and BT modules

MP3 and BT Modules

DFPlayer mini & HC-05


  • 10pin connector to Arduino
  • 2pin connector to Speaker1
  • 2pin connector to Speaker2 (optionally, if you want 2 speakers)
  • Logic level adapter TXS0108E
  • DFPlayer mini– MP3 player
  • HC-05 – Bluetooth module
  • MOSFET (RFP30N06LE – logic MOSFET)
  • Diode
  • Resistor

The DF player is able to drive up to 3W speakers. Because it is a 4.2V module, I used a normal diode to reduce the voltage to 4,0-4,4V.

There are 2 types of HC-05: one with KEY and one with ENABLE. If you have the one with ENABLE you don’t need the MOSFET. The module is used as serial interface, not with AT commands. With this schema you can drive both BT modules. A 10k resistor is used to pull down the gate of the mosfet.

Both modules (MP3 and BT) have a 3.3V RX/TX, to have a clean solution it is better to use a logic level adapter.

The 3.3V can be picked up from Arduino. For the 5V power, it is better to use an external source because this schema can pick up to 300-400mA.


MP3Player (2,50$):

BT module (3,50$):

2W speaker (1,50$):

MOSFET (1,20$):