50% of the sky


After a lot of days, searching the best way to fix the “stars” and connect them together, I was able to connect successfully the Arduino with the rest.

If you point the welder to the Polystyrol, it melt without need to touch it. After making a hole of about 0,5cm I used a small hot wire to make a little hole through the plate (for the light). Once the LED was inside, I filled the whole hole with hot glue. The connection between the LEDs is not important as I set the distance from the left of the sky programmatically – you need to give the position of each led in the application.

For the beginning I set the brightness to 127 (of 255) to limit the current (the meter gives me 300mA for the rainbow effect on 30 LEDs).


To control the sky I use the BT module. Since I don’t like the idea of a BT-radiation in the baby room I set up it so that it will automatically disconnect after 5 minutes. So once powered up, I can change animations for 5 minutes, after that the BT module will go offline.

I wrote a UWP app for it. Works like the MP3 module (with command packs):


You can download it from the Windows store:


Here a video (need to fix better the speaker):