Sky is finished!

Finally, I placed all 60 WS2812B LEDS and also 200 Fiber glasses.

Here 2 videos (rainbow and night effect):

I was able to place also the sound sensor (double clap to activate sky), the IR-sensor to control the sky over the IR remote and a light sensor to see if it is day or not. Unfortunately the light sensor is not really sensitive and give me a dark room also if there is light on it. Need further investigation before I can use the sound sensor (I don’t want that the sky will light up in the night :P).


Thanks to a friend, I was able to put also some fibreglass on the sky. For each LED, he printed (with a 3d printer) an adapter for 10-14 glasses. On a side I was able to put in a WS2812B-LED module, on the other side I put as many glasses as possible and fixed them with a little screw. It is not nice to see now, but the effect on the other side is really nice.

Sky (top side) Fibreglass adapter

Controller box

Here the partial finished box with all sensors and modules. I need to implement some other sensors and the clouds, but has a nice look, hasn’t it? 😀 Thanks to the closed box, the speaker is a little bit louder and you can hear it really good in the room, even if it has only 3W.

Controller box